ALPR - Automated License Plate Recognition


Our Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology can be installed as both a fixed camera that control which vehicles that should have access through a security gate or as a mobile camera in a police car etc. to look for missing/stolen plates. 

If a vehicle with a preregistered license number have access through a security gate, it will be opened automatically or allow all vehicles and just log which vehicles are in the area. When they entered and when they left or which vehicles still are in the area.

One of many features is that the system can be connected to a stolen vehicle database and rise an alarm if a stolen vehicle is observed. ALPR technology can be an effective tool in a variety of applications and areas Security Access Control Vehicle Enforcement Alerts Law Enforcement Tolling Systems Parking Systems Gas stations. 


Argus is the name of the 100-eyed giant in Greek mythology. Argus, son of Arestor, was a primordial giant whose epithet, ”all-seeing", led to his being described with multiple, often more than one hundred, eyes.

Hera gave him the job of guarding one of her husband's lovers. This unfortunate woman was Io, whom Zeus turned into a cow in an ill-conceived attempt to hide her from his cow-eyed wife.

Argos, great and strong, who with four eyes looks every way and sleep never fell upon his eyes, but he kept sure watch always. Hermes managed to trick and kill Argus whose eyes Hera then put into a peacock's tail - and his hundred eyes were preserved forever.


Gate Monitor Argus is a complete system for access control of license plates, on Cars and Lorries - thru a gate. 

The system are sold and distributed by CameraCompagniet in Sweden AB, Helsingborg, Sweden and other resellers.

The system can be bought with a separate license and installed on a windows server or hosted on a central server managed by CameraCompagniet.  

The gate monitor Argos is delivered in 3 basic versions with the possibility to add license for extra functions.



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